Das Real-Time Dashboard hatte uns fest im Griff

DevOps Simulation – Learning by Doing

18. April 2016 • Agile, Allgemein, Business Simulation, DevOps, ITIL, Scrum, Service Management, TrainingKommentare (0)

DevOps und dessen Vorteile praktisch erlebbar machen – das war das Ziel der europaweit ersten DevOps Simulation, welche Glenfis in Zusammenarbeit mit G2G3 Anfangs April im Crowne Plaza Zürich durchgeführt hat. Rückblickend war die Veranstaltung ein voller Erfolg mit viel Fun und wertvollen Lessons Learned. Im Folgenden eine kurze Zusammenfassung

Dagobert ist achieving his KPI

Is SIAM a hoax? It doesn’t matter

1. Dezember 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, COBIT, IT Governance, ITIL, ITSM, Scrum, Service Management, UncategorizedKommentare (0)

Again, a new approach has entered the scene and heavy discussions are going on about the right and wrong. Like this one: SIAM is a hoax Looking at these discussions, I think we missed out the most important point. Maybe SIAM is a hoax. At least it is

CSI 2.0: Make IT Service Management happen through Agile & Scrum

14. August 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, Coaching & Consulting, ITIL, ITSM, Scrum, Service Management, UncategorizedKommentare (3)

Today I want to share some practical advice on how Agile and in particular Scrum can help to drive IT Service Management initiatives forward. Why? Agile delivers results and creates value early. Furthermore it continuously makes sure that these results are

Agile misunderstood

10 Agile Myths & Misconceptions

16. Juni 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, ITIL, Scrum, UncategorizedKommentare (2)

Nomen est omen – the name determines its meaning. So, is ‘agile’ really about ‘agile’? If we talk about being adaptive – my answer would be yes. But does the use of agile methodologies also mean less discipline, less planning or less

Industry 4.0 in the Era of #Cloud, #Agile, #DevOps #Microservices and #IoT

19. Mai 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, BPMN, Cloud Computing, ITIL, ITSM, Scrum, Service Broker, Service Management, UncategorizedKommentare (0)

Some weeks ago I posted an infograph about the cloud-enabled company. Since then I had many good discussions about it and put additional thoughts into the concept. This finally ended in an updated infograph: I extended the cloud- and service

Service Transition in the Era of Cloud Computing

5. Mai 2015 • Agile, Cloud Computing, ITIL, Scrum, Service Broker, Service ManagementKommentare (0)

The service transition capabilities of an organization are being stressed in the new shiny cloud era. This is because of the following dimensions to be considered: 1. The frequency dimension: We are not talking about the frequency of operational changes to

Are you talking about Water or getting wet? – Become Agile through Simulations

22. April 2015 • Agile, Business Simulation, ITIL, Scrum, TrainingKommentare (3)

Like swimming you can learn certain things only by practicing them. In IT, this is especially true for agile methods like Scrum or Kanban. Although agile methods are usually simple to understand and make perfectly sense in theory, they are difficult to master

Agile. For the Rest of the Organization.

25. März 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, IT Governance, ITIL, ITSM, Scrum, Service Management, UncategorizedKommentare (1)

The use of agile frameworks has become increasingly popular outside the IT-world and spreads to business functions like finance, sales or product development. Even if we stay within IT; some people say that the new megatrend ‘DevOps’ is just a natural

Self-Organized Teams: Where Great Things Start

8. Januar 2015 • Agile, Allgemein, Coaching & Consulting, ITIL, ScrumKommentare (0)

Self-organization is sometimes called the ‘secret-sauce’ of successful teams. Think of it as a cook: If the curry sauce is bad, it can ruin the entire meal. So it’s the core of a good curry meal.  At the same time, self-organization is in my