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Agile. For the Rest of the Organization.

The use of agile frameworks has become increasingly popular outside the IT-world and spreads to business functions like finance, sales or product development. Even if we stay within IT; some people say that the new megatrend ‘DevOps’ is just a natural extension of agile concepts from...

Including warranty requirements in the product and sprint backlog planning

Integrating Agile and ITSM

Every week a new production release and often changing requirements and priorities – this is daily life in agile environments. How does this project delivery approach (usually: SCRUM) fit into existing IT Service Management processes (usually: ITIL)? How do we manage for example the increasing...


ITIL® oder DevOps, oder was?

Mit der Übernahme von ITIL® durch Capita und dem Aufbau des Joint-Venture Unternehmens Axelos herrscht eine gewisse Unsicherheit über die Zukunft von ITIL®, dem Best Practice Rahmenwerk für Service Management. Ist es nun das Ende oder gibt es einen Neu-Anfang, oder geht es einfach weiter...