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Make the Difference

“Business-IT Alignment is wrong. It doesn’t mean anything to the business”. When I heard these words during a local IT conference last year, I was first quite puzzled. The longer I think about it, the more I must say: It’s true. So, what’s wrong with business-IT...

Including warranty requirements in the product and sprint backlog planning

Integrating Agile and ITSM

Every week a new production release and often changing requirements and priorities – this is daily life in agile environments. How does this project delivery approach (usually: SCRUM) fit into existing IT Service Management processes (usually: ITIL)? How do we manage for example the increasing...

Der grosse Graben zwischen Entwicklung und Betrieb...

The SLA Cheat Sheet

SLA Cheating? Better not, unless you want to mess up the relationship with your customers in long-term. So, why this blog? First of all, because cheating in terms of achieving Service Level Agreement targets is widely common, especially in the IT-outsourcing business. This shows up...

Drive ITSM forward with Scrum

Agiles Projekt-Management mit Scrum – Das Erfolgsrezept hinter Google, Apple & Co

Scrum, ein reines Softwareentwicklungs-Framework? Falsch. Mit Scrum werden heutzutage revolutionäre Autos gebaut (watch THIS), Radioprogramme geplant oder komplexe Airline-Fusionen umgesetzt. Scrum = Chaos? Falsch. Scrum ist hochstrukturiert, kann als Minimalframework nur ganz oder gar nicht angewendet werden, basiert aber gleichzeitig auf dem Prinzip sich selbst organisierender Teams...

Service Level Management

Impact Matters

Impact matters. If a critical Flight Information Service is not available at 9:30 for one minute, this is something different than if exactly the same happens one month later at 9:30, when coincidentally nobody is using the Service. In both cases the SLA might be...

Expectation Management in ITSM

Understanding and meeting customer expectations is a crucial part of Service Management and at the end of the day this should be of concern for every Service Manager.  However, expectations can sometimes conflict each other. For instance, you cannot improve service quality and save costs...

Quality vs Cost

Top Ten Misconceptions about ITIL

ITIL is since many years the most popular IT Service Management framework out in the market. As an IT professional I use this framework for some time and as an ITSM-consultant and -trainer I am often confronted with some typical misconceptions around ITIL and… I learned...

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