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Our complementary eLearning modules COBIT 5 are based on the current status of didactics, pedagogy and ergonomics. The advantages of these modern learning methods can be summarised in 3 words: anywhere, anytime and flexible.

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COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model
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COBIT 5 in Relation to other frameworks
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COBIT 5 Differences to COBIT 4.1
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The COBIT 5 complementary guidance Training Modules:

COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model
In this module we will introduce you to the COBIT Process Assessment Model which enables the process capability to be measured.

Learning objectives of this module:

  • To understand the differences between the COBIT 4.1 maturity model and the COBIT 5 process capability model.
  • To know how to perform a process capability evaluation in COBIT 5.
  • To be familiar with ISO 15504, the standard for assessing process capability.
  • To understand how the assessment process works.

Learning Time: For working through this module you will need between 80-90 minutes.

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