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Service Transition in the Era of Cloud Computing

[soliloquy id="3164"]The service transition capabilities of an organization are being stressed in the new shiny cloud era. This is because of the following dimensions to be considered: 1. The frequency dimension: We are not talking about the frequency of operational changes to existing cloud services. What...

The end of the good old ITIL world

Almost over decades, internal IT organizations have been busy trying to understand how to move away from technology focused 20th century type of IT to more modern, customer and service oriented organizations. The several evolutions steps of the ITIL frame work has been the widely...

Cloud service vendor evaluation and due diligence

Interestingly enough, a lot of potential cloud byers (i.e. internal IT or business functions) are not really familiar with basic concepts of proper and proven sourcing processes and methodologies, not to mentioned available "best practice" frame works for cloud and sourcing. The underestimated role of...

Nutzen der Chancen

The role of a Service Owner in the era of Cloud Computing

The role of a service owner is usually a very well understood, defined and implemented capability of many organizations. The common, high-level responsibilities of a service owner role, spanning the entire service lifecycle from Service Strategy over Service Design, Transition to Service Operation and Continual...

DevOps, Agile Development, Continuous Delivery und ITIL: Was gibt es für Zusammenhänge und wie man sie nutzen kann

Die traditionelle IT, viele ihrer Methoden, Strukturen und Vorgehensweisen sind nicht mehr zeitgemäss. Die von Kunden und Business gewünschten IT Capabilities, wie Time-to-Market, Innovation und Agilität bei gleichzeitigem Kosten-, Qualitäts- und Compliance-Management sind so nicht machbar. Silomentalität, Prozess-Bürokratie, Technologie- statt Kundenfokussierung werden abgelöst durch neue...

Where to start with a Sourcing Governance Frame Work ?

Simple answer: Get yourself familiar with knowledge that is available. Basically, to build the knowledge for sourcing, outsourcing and related governance models, you would have to focus on the available knowledge sources. Laws First and foremost, you need to get to know local/national, laws under which...

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