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70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business. The business and IT relationship is under strain, both parties blaming the other. IT is under increasing pressure to improve. New, disruptive technologies such as Cloud and social media, are emerging rapidly and Businesses are demanding more and more IT. IT continually struggles to align with the business to ensure investments in emerging technologies deliver value, without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities? Business & IT alignment has been a top CIO concern for more than 10 years yet still we struggle.


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Why is this important?

  1. IT is not able to apply the ITSM best practices at a strategic level.
  2. Very few IT departments know the definition of a Service(Value, Outcomes, Costs, Risks), let alone use it to drive their ITSM improvement initiatives and deliver services to demonstrate this.
  3. The majority of IT organizations are still experiencing top ABC of ICT worst practices (as identified by more than 3000 IT organizations).
    1. Not understanding business impact and priority
    2. IT is too internal focused
    3. Too little Business involvement in requirements specification and testing
  4. Business & IT alignment has been in the top 3 CIO priorities for more than 10 years. Still only 15% say they are aligned whilst 80% of businesses say this is critical. We do not know how to achieve alignment.

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