ITIL4 – COBIT2019 Mapping

In recent months, we have witnessed enormous changes in two gigantic international frameworks. First and foremost ITIL4 with the new Service Value System approach. But also from ISACA’s COBIT 2019, the enterprise governance framework for information and technologies.

I am working with both frameworks over the last twenty years and was very pleased about these enouncements. The refresh oft he frameworks were also bitterly needed as the last versions of both frameworks are over 8 years old. Time is spinning fast, especially in information technology, and this spiral is becoming more and more acute. In recent years we have also experienced a great movement towards agility and self-organisation. Processes and policies considered too bureaucratic these days.

New technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and many others have significantly changed the way information is processed and services provided. It is therefore not surprising that the two frameworks ITIL and COBIT were considered outdated and therefore obsolete.

However, Scrum, Kanban or DevOps are not frameworks itself, but agile methods and basic concepts of how requirements are implemented today. Governance and management principles and practices go much further and are not covered by these pure agile methods. There was a large gap and uncertainty as to how these necessary practices would be applied under the new working method.

So it was all the more pleasing to receive the new version of COBIT, the COBIT2019, for the first time in November 2018 (I blogged about it). In February 2019 the first book of ITIL4 was published, which is now received everywhere very interested. See my blogs here as well (ITIL4 – Der ganzheitliche Ansatz mit vier Dimensionen, ITIL4 – Praktiken versus Prozesse. Kein alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen und ITIL4 – Wo sind meine Value Streams?)

COBIT2019 is from my point of view still the most comprehensive framework for all information and technologies related governance and management practices. But it is and never was the idea that COBIT2019 can or should replace all other frameworks and guidelines. Rather there are on the level of each COBIT governance and management goals a reference to other internationally recognized standards and frameworks with furhter and more detailed information about implementation. COBIT itself looks like an umbrella framework with better alignment to business strategies and goals. So there exist for all 40 governance and management objectives corresponding lings references to other guidelines such as ITIL, PMI BOK, TOGAF, ISO27001 and many more.  With COBIT2019, a higher-level control of the frameworks can be ensured here.

ITIL4 - COBIT 2019 Mapping
ITIL4 – COBIT 2019 Mapping

As COBIT 2019 has been published now before the launch of ITIL4, these references points still to the now replaced ITIL® V3 Edition 2011 – and not yet to the newer version ITIL4, which is a pity. I have now created an initial mapping between COBIT2019 and ITIL4. This mapping is a first rough assignment because the details of the ITIL4 practices are not yet published. As soon as they are available, I will create a corresponding detailed mapping.

You can see from the mapping (Download-Link) that many COBIT 2019 governance management practices are not addressed at all in ITIL4. Thus, both frameworks complement each other with their specific focus. With this mapping I hope to make a valuable contribution so that these two wonderful frameworks can be used in combination. Please feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions for improvement.


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